Dj Digital Italic (cubicgarden) 

Dj from Manchester UK playing Trance and Tech Trance using nothing more that a Pacemaker Device.

Amstel's thriller chiller mix

Amsterdam canals at night

I think of this mix as the evil little child born in Amsterdam during the freaky time of Halloween. Another travel with Pacemaker mix, this time flying to Amsterdam for a conference over Halloween. It coincides with me djing at a Halloween party just a few days earlier. I started…

Dying daylight in Utrecht mix

Utrecht sunset

I had the joy of going to Utrecht in the Netherlands for a storyjam. On that plane ride I started a mix, which I thought was good. Then did it again during of the nights in the Airbnb recording it live to my external recorder. It was good but then…

Sinead's baroque troy mix

Sinead O'Connor

It was sad to hear Sinead O'Connor died recently and I decided to do a mix around the voice she had. The tune which I have used in mixes previously was Troy (push mix) which has a deep mystic feel. It seemed to be perfect for the mix. This mix…

Knights of the new republic

Amsterdam skyline

This another one of those recorded live mix due to the Pacemaker's latest firmware. I was listening to some of my older mixes and the Knights of the old republic recorded while in another conference (republica in Berlin) stuck out to me. So I thought it was time for a…

A beat that seems out of time mix

Music metronome in full swing

This mix is using the later beta versions of the Pacemaker device firmware, which includes beat aware looping. It's great but I find the native digital recording of the Pacemaker device unreliable, although I thought I had found the solution. In the end I recorded the output directly using the…

Let the lyrics do the talking mix

Utopia's street art of a young woman with roses

A special anniversary mix for my partner, partly following the hearts in the clouds of Amsterdam mix. She loves vocals, while I tend to focus on the beats & rhythm. Looking through my collection of tunes, I was surprised how few had vocals. With this, I started thinking about a…