The Berlin donnerwetter mix

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Thunderstorm warning: Berlin Ian Forrester

Recently I took a last minute flight to Berlin for Republica 2024. Although I mainly escaped the thunderstorm by going via Copenhagen it was touch and go on the Copenhagen to Berlin leg of the journey.

Of course I had lots of time to record this mix on the pacemaker device, which attracted the eye and question of a fellow passenger who asked what it was and how it worked. Gladly explained, not sure if he took it all on board but good to have interesting in this very aged device.

This mix is recorded live and moves a long at 136ish BPM with some classic trance tunes. Turn this one up nice and loud! Hopefully in the sunshine not in the thunderstorm!

Enjoy here or on Peertube

  1. Long Way Home - Gareth Emery
  2. Aberration Of Light (Original Mix) - Michael Kaelios
  3. Energy Crash (Extended Mix) - Maarten de Jong
  4. Erase - Brooks Alexsander
  5. Verdi - Mauro Picotto
  6. Opium (Quivver Remix) - Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor
  7. Beat (Da Boxx) - Laurent Garnier
  8. Soundbar (extended mix) - Giuseppe Ottaviani
  9. Running up the hill (jerome isma-ae bootleg) - Placebo
  10. Whites Of Her Eyes (Original Mix) - Simon Patterson
  11. Amino Acids (Original Mix) - Tau-Rine
  12. Brush Strokes (Original Mix) - Simon Patterson
  13. Certitude (original mix) - Thomas Bronzwaer
  14. Floyd (extended mix) - Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor
  15. Adam K & Soha Mix - Kaskade
  16. Inception - Teminite

This article was updated on 14 June 2024

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Dj from Manchester UK playing Trance and Tech Trance using nothing more that a Pacemaker Device. He adores the Pacemaker device and does all his mixes with it while on his travels. The mixes take inspiration from the things around him and the mix style is different from what you usually hear. More in your face and more frantic that most mixes, it leads you on a journey somewhere else. He use to dj under the name of Adrenalin Rush in and around the South west of England and Wales on Vinyl believe it or not but gave it up when he moved to London. Djing on laptops was the name of the game then and he gained a regular spot on a Miami based internet radio station before it got shut down in 2005. Now in Manchester and available for small and large trance parties across the North and South, he hopes to push mixing to places where it was never possible using the Pacemaker device