Dj Digital Italic (cubicgarden) 

Dj from Manchester UK playing Trance and Tech Trance using nothing more that a Pacemaker Device.

The mayday rave up in your flat

Lasers at a rave

I present the mayday rave up in your flat live mix. Recorded live while mixing live on R&Dio (our internal R&D radio station) the other day. The volume levels were a bit high sorry, but its not horribly distorted through-out, I had no monitor and the delay at the other…

The underground inception mix

Maze on the London underground

I did this pacemaker mix over 2 separate mini mixes while in London last year. I joined the mix together and walla! you have the underground inception mix. A mixture of tech-trance reflecting the maze of some of the London underground stations. A nice follow on from Quiver in the…

Quiver in the underground mix

Walk down into the London underground

I did a number of mixes while in London for Mozfest but I quite liked the feel of this one. Some familiar tunes but quite different from my usual style. Mainly recorded on the underground/tube while riding the Jubilee line. Here is a quiver in the London underground mix. I…

Halloween in the city mix

Halloween night in London

Halloween in the city, one of the first mixes I recorded on the Pacemaker device. Its fast, uncomplicated and moves at pace. What a great selection of tunes compacted into one heck of a mix. I remember doing this one such a long time ago while in London, which is…