Dj Digital Italic (cubicgarden) 

Dj from Manchester UK playing Trance and Tech Trance using nothing more that a Pacemaker Device.

The endless ambient cold mix

Sleeping in front of a large window with the world behind

Its been a long time since i put out a Pacemaker mix. Main reasons being in August I damaged my thumb playing Volleyball. When using the Pacemaker device, I use the thumb to grip the device which was painful. I tried using my left hand but its kinda made for…

A giant adventure in Ireland mix

Looking out to the irish sea from the giants causeway

I got away for a holiday for the first time during the pandemic. It was an adventure taken on my motorcycle. I of course took the pacemaker device out for the first time in a long time, so I did a mix while in hotel rooms. I did start a…

I was always scared of Tresor mix

One of the bank vaults in tresor berlin

I had the absolute joy to see Laurent Garnier at the Manchester International festival recently (July 2021). During his video there was lots of references to different things in his career including Manchester and also Berlin. There was a distinct moment when I turned to my sister and whispered, I…

Isolation in the fast lane mix

Myself with a diabolo in the garden

After a week or so in isolation although Covid negative throughout, I turned to the Pacemaker device for a new mix. Something different from my usual progressive trance style. There’s some tunes I’ve been playing out recently mixed with some classic trance, all at a slightly uplifted 133-134 bpm. Listen…

Life and joy in metropolis mix

Lazer lights from the Manchester City stadium

This is a mix with pace and some great old and new tunes. Its short and sweet but packs a punch. Recorded as the UK opens up after its third lockdown (April 2021). The cases have dropped and the vaccination is going strong. You can get a real sense of…

Weather is strange mix

Crazy Rainfall in Manchester

What a mix, quite mix of tunes from previous mixes with some new ones. All with a changeable pace throughout. I do love this one which was done during a period during April in Manchester with snow, rain and hot sun over a period of days. Weather is strange just…