Patterson’s pandemic run

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Park run at dusk

Here is the first mix of the 2021 new year and its a Simon Patterson special. If you liked the previous Patterson’s panic attack. Its likely not going to play in certain regions as its all the same artist and mixcloud thinks I’m uploading a whole album. Luckily using my own mix garden, I don't have that problem.

Its a very heavy trance mix which whips along at a speedy 138 bpm and never lets up for 50 solid minutes. Try going for a run with this mix playing, avoid those people and wear a mask.

Enjoy the mix, which is another entry in the locked down, mixing out album of mixes. Also linked on my blog and mixcloud.

  1. F16 - Simon Patterson
  2. Latika - Simon Patterson
  3. Brush Strokes - Simon Patterson
  4. Smack - Simon Patterson
  5. Whites of her eyes - Simon Patterson
  6. Panic attack - Simon Patterson
  7. Opulence - Simon Patterson
  8. Dissolve - Simon Patterson feat Sarah Howells
  9. Strip search - Simon Patterson
  10. Taxi - Simon Patterson
  11. Us - Simon Patterson


This article was updated on 24 October 2023

Digital Italic

Dj from Manchester UK playing Trance and Tech Trance using nothing more that a Pacemaker Device. He adores the Pacemaker device and does all his mixes with it while on his travels. The mixes take inspiration from the things around him and the mix style is different from what you usually hear. More in your face and more frantic that most mixes, it leads you on a journey somewhere else. He use to dj under the name of Adrenalin Rush in and around the South west of England and Wales on Vinyl believe it or not but gave it up when he moved to London. Djing on laptops was the name of the game then and he gained a regular spot on a Miami based internet radio station before it got shut down in 2005. Now in Manchester and available for small and large trance parties across the North and South, he hopes to push mixing to places where it was never possible using the Pacemaker device