A beat that seems out of time mix

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Music metronome in full swing
Music metronome in full swing

This mix is using the later beta versions of the Pacemaker device firmware, which includes beat aware looping. It's great but I find the native digital recording of the Pacemaker device unreliable, although I thought I had found the solution. In the end I recorded the output directly using the analogue output. The result is a completely unedited mix. Not quite as smooth with the cross fading but its just such a raw mix, I had to put it out.

First put together in Barcelona but the digital recording was all over the place, later I re-did the mix. This mix moves at a heavy pace and is fully of lovely progressive/tech beats with little lyrics. Perfect for hitting the treadmill, scooting down the motorway or what ever you fancy doing at a pace. Look out for the my beat into Inferno long mix, simply can't stop bouncing my head to that section. 

By the way the full name of the mix is: A beat that seems out of time (with the one you feel in the metronome of your mind).

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  1. Fall to Pieces - Jonas Steur feat. Jennifer Rene
  2. M.I.L.F. - Laurent Garnier
  3. My Beat (Ambassador extended remix) - Blaze
  4. Inferno - Carl Cox
  5. Interlinked - Thomas Schumacher
  6. Predator - Predator
  7. Fiction (Extended Mix) - Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor
  8. Shnorkel (Thankyou City Remix) - Ido Ophir, Miki Litvak
  9. Pǝsnɟuoɔ (Confused) - Laurent Garnier


This article was updated on 24 October 2023

Digital Italic

Dj from Manchester UK playing Trance and Tech Trance using nothing more that a Pacemaker Device. He adores the Pacemaker device and does all his mixes with it while on his travels. The mixes take inspiration from the things around him and the mix style is different from what you usually hear. More in your face and more frantic that most mixes, it leads you on a journey somewhere else. He use to dj under the name of Adrenalin Rush in and around the South west of England and Wales on Vinyl believe it or not but gave it up when he moved to London. Djing on laptops was the name of the game then and he gained a regular spot on a Miami based internet radio station before it got shut down in 2005. Now in Manchester and available for small and large trance parties across the North and South, he hopes to push mixing to places where it was never possible using the Pacemaker device

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